27 June 2009

An Announcement

It is with heavy hearts that Sara and I announce the loss of our expecting child. We learned on Thursday that Sara had suffered a miscarriage, and we proceeded to take the necessary steps to ensure her health and safety. However, the emotional strain of this event still lingers over the both of us. Through talking with her doctor, we learned that there was nothing we did, or could have done, that cause or could have prevented this from occurring. What most likely happened was that there was some sort of genetic or chromosomal abnormality so great that her body rejected the baby. While this sounds horrific, we have complete faith that our baby is with God. As one of our friends put it, this child was so special that God Himself wanted to take care of it.

While we certainly appreciate all of your condolences and prayers, we understand that words are hard to come by. With all due respect, please do not flood mine nor Sara's accounts with comments. We simply wish to share with you all the grief we are experiencing, the same as the joy we expressed when we first learned we were expecting. When we are ready, we will share more, but please do not press. Sara and I have every intention of trying again, in due time, and we anticipate sharing our joy of expecting a new arrival soon.

Joel & Sara London

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